Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Colored Stones Jewellery in India

The diamond jewellery market in Delhi is one of the largest in India. There are more than two hundred jewellers in Delhi that are resident in the city. What classifies as luxury jewellery varies from one jeweller to the other. Any piece of jewellery above the ten lakh range is called luxury jewellery. Only a handful deal in luxury diamond jewellery. The booming upper class and rising popularity of traditional Indian products around the world has increased the demand for Bridal Jewellery in Delhi. Movie stars now wear Colored Stones Jewellery in India for their private parties while people from affluent families put it on at wedding functions.
 colored stones Jewellery in India

 Indian Luxury Jewellery Brands In Delhi stands out because of its distinct designs. These include kundan, meenakari and thewa. Enamelling is the art of coating the surface of gold and silver with vitreous enamel made from molten glass of different colours in an intricate design pattern. The designs may involve simple geometric shapes or more sophisticated patterns. This art was introduced by the Mughals and brought to different parts of India. Kundan involves setting of precious stones in a jewellery piece while Thewa is the art of embossing a sheet of gold onto molten glass to make jewellery.

 Top Jewellers in Delhi

The jewellery market in India began changing for the better because of jewellers in Delhi. The number of people who can afford luxury diamond jewellery has grown tremendously in recent years. Though the luxury jewellery market in India is fragmented, it is growing at an annual pace. One of the prominent Jewellers in Delhi is Kanjimull Jewellers. Its revenue comes from the Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi segment where the profit margin is higher. They started as a trader of coloured gemstones. It now has a presence across the gems and jewellery business. 

It mostly sells Bridal jewellery in India and has a store in Delhi.  People from across the country fly to Delhi to buy Best Diamond Jewellers in Delhi from Kanjimull Jewellers. That's also due to strong publicity. Most of the clients are foreigners, who like good workmanship and designs. Kanjimull Jewellers has about a hundred artisans working for them. They have mastered the art of jewellery making.

 Jewellers in delhi

India’s gems and jewellery industry has evolved over the past few years. From low-value cutting and polishing of gems, the city has mastered the art of making value-added products such as jewellery. There is still a long way to go before good brands emerge out of Delhi. 

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