Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Luxury Jewellery Brands In Delhi

With change in technology and fashion trends, everything is taking a phenomenal change but what has not change is the demand for diamonds. The impact of the grand charm of diamonds has never disappeared from the hearts of jewellery connoisseurs. Diamond Jewellery has always a special significant in the heart of the people. It expresses love and charm when given as a wedding ring or a jewellery just as a gift. The alluring look of the clear white diamond fascinates everyone. One can choose from various shapes and cuts of diamonds, which include princess cut, round brilliant, marquise, to trillion, pear, heart, cushion, emerald and more.
 Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi

Round brilliant cut is versatile and is most common cut in diamond jewellery. Princess cut is contemporary square design which gives an elegant look to the men’s jewellery design. Pear cut has a special feminine look to it and therefore most of the necklaces and bangles are set with this diamond cut. The trillion cut is specially done to set the diamond on solitaire. It is dramatically crafted in the center. The Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi designed by Kanjimull Jewellers is like a dream. 

Each diamond set has a special cut and the entire ornament is carved into a majestic piece that will sparkle your neck. Jewellers in Delhi has seen different types of diamonds. There are various colour grades of this precious stone. The colourless diamond with fine cut has more clarity and fine shine. Others have tinge of colour, but among the colored diamonds, pink diamond is the rarest of all which is in great demand and has great value at times even more than any other stone.
 Jewellers in delhi
Kanjimull Jewellers designs different types of ornaments from earrings, bracelets/bangles, necklaces, rings, charms to brooches. They also design gemstone buttons and cufflinks for men. The jewel.lery brand also designs Polki diamond jewellery which is trending now among youngsters. These looks best with traditional attires as it has a traditional feel to it. A Bridal Jewellery in India is one of the best anniversary gift. So now if you have forgotten to wish your wife anniversary, wish her with a diamond ring and she will fall in love with you all over again. You can get the jewellery customized from Kanjimull and get the most distinct piece of jewellery which your wife would love to flaunt at any occasion and envy her friends. 

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